Hi all. My name is Kelly and I am a mother of three teenagers, (so I don�t need to explain much to any of you out there that have teenagers) but if you don�t the easiest way to say it is I am always running here and there to get this that and the next for them. If it�s not one of them forgetting something the other one is on the phone telling me I need to do this for them. Sometimes I want to yell when do I get ME time?

Though I recently turned 43, I still feel very young. I have the most awesome job in the world. I bought this land and built a small farm. We have all kinds of great animals here (we call it the petting zoo lol) but it is also my passion. I work with handicapped kids using the farm animals. I have a lot of time free between clients. So you will see me pop on and off.

My hobbies? Ok when I do finally get �me� time I LOVE nature and everything to do with it. Take a long hike up the mountains or thru a national forest, go fishing in the boat with the kids on the lake, and I love sunset horseback rides. Life�s difficulties can be solved in listening to a running brook or a jumping fish, perhaps a cricket singing its song or birds in the tree whistling happy tunes.

Well that about sums me up. The one thing in life my friends tell me is I am a great problem solver. So if your looking for a non judgmental ear, or a shoulder, please don�t hesitate to call me. We can talk about your issues or just become friends. Call me � I would love to make a new friend.